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TCareer counselling is different from careers development and advisory services, Career counselling is about trying to understand you and not advising on the “best” career options. There are a number of factors we might wish to consider in developing a better understanding of what one’s needs are. 
1. Making appropriate occupational decisions requires sensitive and skilled counselling skills in order to reach a point where rational career choices can be made, issues such as managing relationships, coping with loss and change from damaged self-esteem need to be addressed. 
2. A job for life is no longer a realistic aim, so developing decision making skills adequate to the challenges of lifelong learning, the issues this will raise and the demands this will place upon decision making need to be developed 
3. Employers require their employees to take an increasingly flexible approach in managing their own development to meet their changing commercial and general work environment, coupled with the recognition that individuals move through cycles in their working lives. 
4. Making decision is very much a matter of taking personal responsibility a counselling approach empowers individuals to do just that, where they not the counsellor are the experts. 
The career counsellor like all other counsellors provides time, support, attention, skill and a structure which enables clients to become more aware of their own resources in order to lead a more satisfying life. Career counselling is a process enabling people to recognise and utilise their resources to make career related decisions and manage career related problems. Career counselling focuses upon the worked-related aspects of a person’s life but also takes into consideration the interdependence of career and non-career considerations. 
Though there are clear overlaps with other forms of help career counselling is very different is that advise if not its purpose, the role of career counselling is to empower the person enable them to get to a point where they can make choices based upon decisions they have made. Confusingly some practitioners call themselves counsellors when they do not subscribe to the counselling philosophy of have any training in counselling skills. 
At the heart of career counselling is self-understanding and developing a process of enabling clients to address questions such as “who am I?”, “what do I want?” and “what is stopping me?” and assists with promoting new energies or a change in attitude. Many people find themselves “blocked” or unable to move away from or out of their working lives and practices, career counselling wants to help individuals recognise these “blocks” and find ways in which to change that are appropriate for them.his content will be shown in the summary on the main blog page. Click on this text to edit it. 
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